Texas Collectible Tins (TCT) came into being in 2003, created by Native Texans, with a great pride in the Lone Star State. There were not many simple Texas shaped containers available to fill with local, home grown products, which said “Texas” in a first class way…so Texas Collectible Tins was born.


Texas Collectable Tins

The Texas tin is beautiful, all by itself, but big enough to hold over 2 pounds of native pecans…and plenty other foods or gifts. With all the twists and turns of the Texas borders, it’s hard to imagine how difficult it was to bend metal into the unique shape of Texas. Texas Collectible Tins is the only company who has ever accomplished this feat and that’s why the slogan reads…”THE WORLD’S ONLY TEXAS SHAPED GIFT TIN”.

As a small business, TCT is able to fill small orders…as little as one case (24) at a time. This really helps customers who don’t have much storage space. TCT only charges actual shipping cost…no handling fees…and normally orders are sent out within 24 hours. TCT can also do large custom orders in which the customer can substitute their own artwork. Interested in corporate gifts or fundraisers sent direct to the recipient? TCT has fulfillment centers which assist in the process. There are quantity discounts starting at 4 cases. Take a look at the products section and price sheet for details.

Custom Orders

Texas Collectible Tins, even with their unique shape, have an artistic design quality that takes advantage of the latest print technology. With a digital photograph, as the one taken by Joe Lowery on the Bluebonnet tin, or even a painting, as the Christmas Stories tin painted by Tom Browning, can be transposed on to the metal surface like it came right out of the camera.** TCT can do embossing like the Texas Flag star, or logos as done for Texas Tech University and the University of Texas. Even the sides of the base can have choice of color, art and printed wording. Any challenge TCT will achieve first class results

TCT has customers who requested their logo and company name placed in the white section of the Texas Flag design…but didn’t have much time to wait on the painted version. In this case, TCT will obtain and have customers’ logo and information printed on a “clear label” that adheres to the surface. The only way to know the label is there is to run a hand over the label, it leaves little visible imprint. Customers love it!

The minimum print run for a custom order is 3,000 on the painted version. If customer uses the Flag tin with the clear label, TCT has to get a bid from TCT’s producer. TCT requires a minimum of 90 days’ notice to do a professional job. Thirty days of that is getting the artwork set and approved…less, if it’s just an existing logo. The sixty days gives TCT ample time to get on the production schedule and get the items shipped. Many of TCT’s orders go to a fulfillment center; to add another product will take additional time. Since most of TCT’s custom orders need delivery around Christmas time, TCT likes to start the process in early August.

There isn’t a more unique gift which can be sold in a store or given to a favorite customer. The Texas Collectible Tin is a gift anyone would want to keep and proudly display in their home. TCT can also highlight tins in a custom-made gift box or basket, adding any specialty products the customer wants. Texas Wines and Hot Sauces are always a favorite.

Call, or email Texas Collectible Tins, where friendly fulfillment staff is always ready to assist and meet customer needs! Texas Collectible Tins appreciates your business!

**Go to www.JoeLowery.com   (“Ladybird”) or www.TomBrowning.com (“Christmas Stories”) and compare the quality of their art to what printed on our tins.


  • Tin = 8.5″ W X 8.5″ L X 3″ H
  • 24 Tins per Case
  • Case/Box Dimensions = 21″ W X 17″ L X 14″ H
  • Total Case Weight = 17 lbs. 8 oz.

Gift Boxes

  • (Small)9x9x3.25 inches
  • (Case-24-Dims)23.5×16.5×4 inches
  • (Large)16.25×10.25×3.5 inches
  • (Case-24-Dims)32×18.5×4 inches

ORDERING: Please place orders by phone or email. Tax Identification Number required. SPECIAL/CUSTOM LOGO ORDERS (min 3000+) REQUIRE ADVANCE NOTICE.

DELIVERY: Please place orders by phone or email. Tax Identification Number required. SPECIAL/CUSTOM LOGO ORDERS (min 3000+) REQUIRE ADVANCE NOTICE.

PAYMENT: Check or credit card (MC/VISA only) due prior to shipment of order.

WHOLESALE PRICING: Per Case price + cost of shipping.

Product & Ordering Information


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